Use XML validator without schemaLocation attributes

In contrast to many other tools XML Validator Buddy supports validation of XML files against W3C schema definitions without an explicit reference in the instance document.

This is done using an XML catalog and an association based on the usage of namespaces in the instance document and the definition of a target namespace in the schema. XML Validator Buddy provides a simple command for adding any W3C schema with a target namespace to the internal XML catalog:

add to xml catalog command

Add to XML catalog command

The “Add to Schema catalog for validation” command is part of the File Explorer context menu. Just select a W3C schema file and select the menu item after a right-mouse-click.

Whenever an XML file is validated, any grammar which is available in the XML catalog is also used for validation if a matching namespace usage is found. This way it is no longer necessary to provide a schemaLocation attribute in every XML instance to run the validator.

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