Create XML from schema

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For almost all of your XML you need to assign an XSD in the editor if you also want to run the XML validator. Starting a new XML and assigning a W3C schema to it can be cumbersome if you have to type all of the information and XML text manually. You need to enter the path to the XSD and all of the namespace attributes by hand and also to remember or to copy-paste them from the schema content. The “File | New | Create XML from schema…” dialog in XML ValidatorBuddy makes this task much easier for you. It only takes a few clicks to get a new XML document in the editor with a complete root node and a reference to your XSD.

Create xml from schema dialogOpen the dialog from the “File | New…” menu and select the XSD you want to take for your new XML data. You can either use the browse button or select an entry from the list of recently used schemas.

You will get a list of all available namespaces and also if any target namespace is defined in the current XSD. The list of root elements will change if you switch to a different namespace. The selected namespace will be the default namespace and the selected root element is also added to the new XML in the editor. On clicking “Create XML” a new document is opened in XML ValidatorBuddy and you can immediately use the XML validator to check your data.


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