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Format huge XML data with no size limit

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You can format huge XML documents without loading it in the XML editor from the built-in File Explorer window. This is helpful if you get large XML data without any formatting and you want to convert it to be readable. The conversion process is streaming the input data and has no size limit. After a while, depending on the size… Read more »

Generate sample data from JSON schema

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tl;dr Use JSONBuddy or XML ValidatorBuddy to generate a live preview of JSON sample data while editing your JSON schema. JSONBuddy has already some powerful features to support you in creating JSON schema documents. You can check your JSON schema at any time for syntax errors. You can validate your JSON schema to see if your schema can be parsed and used… Read more »

How to debug Schematron validation

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How to debug Schematron

A Schematron validator is a powerful tool to run business rules for your XML data and to check conditions that are not supported using W3C schema. Schematron uses a lot of XPath and the validator is based on XSLT to apply all rules to the XML instance. But often it is not easy to debug a Schematron check if it does not work… Read more »

Editor and validator for large XML

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Here are some figures to show how fast you can open and inspect huge XML data in XML Validator Buddy. We are using the massachusetts.osm (OpenStreetMap data) XML document which has a size of 2.5 GB and about 39 million lines of text. In XML ValidatorBuddy you can open it in the Large File Viewer window in 34s. You can do a complete… Read more »

A Schematron sample: Count child nodes in batch mode for many files

Schematron is a powerful and useful technology to complement the standard W3C Schema and DTD validator in XML ValidatorBuddy. However, it is often complicated to configure an XML editor to apply a Schematron schema to any number of files in an easy to use and simple way. In this post I want to illustrate how easy it can be to apply a Schematron… Read more »