Editor and validator for large XML

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Here are some figures to show how fast you can open and inspect huge XML data in XML Validator Buddy. We are using the massachusetts.osm (OpenStreetMap data) XML document which has a size of 2.5 GB and about 39 million lines of text.

  • In XML ValidatorBuddy you can open it in the Large File Viewer window in 34s.
  • You can do a complete well-formed check in (minutes:seconds) 1:10.
  • And you can browse the file and jump to any line instantly.
  • The XML validator also supports huge XML data and doesn’t keep the complete document in memory on processing the XML.
  • The built-in XML editor also supports huge XML and text files.

Any text document can be opened in the editor to fix any errors. This means it is not necessary that the XML can be parsed to browse and edit the content. You also get complete XML syntax-coloring and support for all standard character encodings.



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