xml-buddy.com was established in 2010 to develop and market software for XML and JSON. Since then, our tools have been constantly improved based on customer feedback and in-house implementations. Wherever it is reasonable we use mature open-source libraries to keep our tools compliant to XML and JSON standards and compatible to existing workflows. Today our family of tools includes XML ValidatorBuddy, a complete XML and JSON editor with an additional focus on batch validation and Schematron rules, and JSONBuddy, a new editor for the emerging JSON data format.


Clemens Uhlenhut

Wimmergasse 19/10
1050 Vienna, Austria

UID: ATU66015536
FNr: 111382F04/05


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Use the XML Validator Buddy software package as your starting point to inspect, validate, transform and edit your XML and JSON data.

Several functionalities make XML Validator Buddy an unique and extraordinary useful set of tools. As an example, validate and view huge (multiple GB) XML documents but don't load them completely into memory. You can also find any invalid XML input and test large collections of XML data with the easy to use batch validation tool.

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XML ValidatorBuddy is more than just an XML editor. Learn more on clicking the images and links below.