XML editor - view, edit and format your XML data

Screenshot of Windows XML editor

Enhanced XML editing and creation

  • Complete XML editor for Windows® with syntax-coloring and code folding.
  • Intelligent auto-completion with schema support. Create XML in less time.
  • XML well-formed checking and XSD/DTD validator. Ensure your XML is error free with a single click.
  • XPath evaluation tool.
  • Convert between XML and JSON.
  • Import CSV text and get XML.

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Faster creation of XML with syntax-coloring,
auto-completion and folding

  • XML editor with syntax-coloring for increased readability.
  • Create XML content in less time with intelligent context sensitive auto-completion showing elements and attributes from any assigned XSD schema.
  • Use code folding to collapse and expand sections of XML text quickly.
  • Apply XSL transformations to generate HTML from your XML and see the results immediately in the built-in Preview window.
  • Standard editor functionalities like copy-paste and find-replace with support for regular expressions.
XML editor features
XML validation errors

Create error free XML with well-formed checking and the built-in schema validator

  • Avoid XML parsing problems with built-in XML well-formed checking.
  • Find errors in your XML with the included XML validator.
  • Run well-formed tests and validation also for large XML data.
  • Validate W3C standard XSDs.
  • Create HTML documentation from your W3C Schemas.

Use XML Validator Buddy as your XML editor to create and modify XML content or W3C schemas and get access to extraordinary editor features like intelligent auto-completion, pretty-print, code folding, XSL transformations with instant preview and XSD validator. XML Validator Buddy also provides additional functionalities to work efficiently with XML:

  • XML grid editor
  • Convert between XML and JSON and import CSV as XML.
  • Apply XSL stylesheets to generate HTML.
  • Editor and validator for large XML data.
  • XML batch validation

XML Validator Buddy is not only an XML editor. It is also an excellent XML batch validator, XPath evaluator, Schematron tool and a comprehensive solution for XML signatures.

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