XML validator for W3C Schema, DTD, Schematron and RelaxNG


XML validator - powerful and easy to use

  • XML ValidatorBuddy is your W3C XML validator tool with support for all important XML technologies.
  • Validate XML against W3C Schema, DTDs, RelaxNG and Schematron.
  • Use the same validator to check your W3C schemas.
  • Use XML schema catalog functionalities and validate XML instances with no schema assignment.
  • Unique one-click Schematron validator.
  • Quickly find not well-formed XML data and fix any parsing errors.

Download XML ValidatorBuddy as your XML editor now:

Validate any number of XML documents in less time

  • XML Validator Buddy offers special features for XML batch validation.
  • Use the integrated File Explorer to check multiple XML files or folders.
  • There is no need to open the XML, just select and run the schema validator.
  • You get a comprehensive list of valid or invalid XML documents quickly.
  • Select any W3C schema or DTD for XML input with no schema assigned.
  • Special validator features for huge data.
XML validator
XML ValidatorBuddy application

Fix all errors directly in the built-in XML editor

  • Use the XML validator to find all content or well-formed errors at once.
  • Open any XML input in the editor.
  • Jump-to-error functionality to locate error positions quickly.
  • Rich editor environment with syntax-coloring, code folding, copy-paste, find and replace, XPath evaluation and other standard editing capabilities.

Generate detailed XML validator reports

With XML Validator Buddy you can validate and inspect XML data without the need to open them. This is a big advantage compared to other tools which always require to open any XML instance even if you just want to check if the XML is well-formed. Using XML Validator Buddy you only need to select the documents in the built-in File Explorer and start to validate any amount of XML data at once against any schema.

XML Validator Buddy installs the powerful Xerces XML validator which reports all errors found on checking your XML input. Save the generated error report as a separate XML document for further processing or open the report in the editor window.

Dialog with results from XML validator
  • Save time and get all errors reported by the XML validator at once.
  • Validate multiple XML instances quickly and compare validation results.
  • Open XML documents in the built-in text editor directly from the report dialog.
  • Jump-to-error functionality.
  • Get the whole validator report as XML for further processing.

Validator and editor for huge XML data

Open large XML data and validate even multi-GB files directly in the application. XML Validator Buddy can handle huge XML input, where other tools just stop working. Use the Explorer window to validate those XML documents with a single click without the necessity of reading the whole content at once. If the XML has no schema assigned, XML ValidatorBuddy can use any W3C schema or DTD to run the validator. After validation, take a closer look at all reported errors in the Large-File editor window and use the jump-to-error functionality which, of course, also works for huge XML data.

Learn more about editing large data using XML Validator Buddy here

Screencast: Validate large XML data

This screencast shows how to validate large XML data with a few clicks in XML ValidatorBuddy. Large XML data can be validated without loading the file in the XML editor and can also be started from the command-line.

How to validate large XML data

  1. Open XML ValidatorBuddy and navigate to the File Explorer window.
  2. Select the XML document in the File Explorer window
  3. Use the "Validate against a specific Schema..." command from the context menu.
  4. Select a W3C (XSD) schema from the dialog for validation.
  5. Click the "Validate" button to apply the XSD schema to the XML instance document.

Take a detailed look at some other features of XML ValidatorBuddy

XML ValidatorBuddy is more than just an XML editor. Learn more on clicking the images and links below.