XML batch validator - Get detailed validation reports

XML batch processing

Validate thousands of XML files with a single click

  • Select a folder and find all valid or invalid XML data using a single command.
  • Quickly find not well-formed XML.
  • Manage and inspect your XML with the built-in Explorer.
  • Apply Schematron business rules to any number of XML documents.
  • Learn here how XML Validator Buddy makes checking XML simple for you.

Download and use XML ValidatorBuddy as your XML and JSON batch tool:

Get a detailed XML validation report
with all the information you need

  • Get a list of valid or invalid XML documents with XML Validator Buddy Desktop.
  • Choose between comprehensive or narrow reports with several options.
  • Use the command-line validator to create a detailed XML batch log.
  • Automatically transform the XML batch validator report to HTML.

Run XML batch validation at any time
on your server

  • Command-line XML tool for scheduled XML batch tasks.
  • Create XML batch tasks with ease in XML Validator Buddy Desktop.
  • Load all XML batch settings from a single file to keep them together.
  • Run multiple XML batch validation tasks on your server.
  • Learn here how you can use XML ValidatorBuddy to get a detailed log about the validation status of your XML data in just a few steps!

XML Validator Buddy makes XML batch validation of thousands of XML documents easy and convenient. It is a simple task to configure and run XML batch checking using W3C, DTD, Schematron or RelaxNG.

  • Test your XML batch task directly from the desktop application.
  • User-friendly dialog to configure all available options for the XML validator.
  • Save batch settings separately and run the same task just by loading the settings again.
  • XML batch reports and settings are saved as XML for easy processing.
  • The same configuration XML can also be used for the command-line validator.
  • Check XML and find invalid data quickly.
  • Use the well-formed batch task to make sure all of your XML can be parsed.
  • Fix any errors immediately in the XML Validator Buddy editor.

Take a detailed look at some other features of XML ValidatorBuddy

XML ValidatorBuddy is more than just an XML editor. Learn more on clicking the images and links below.