Please help us to make our tools better.
We will take your feedback to improve the usability and features of our products.

Thank you very much for participating!

1.) How did you learn about our tools?

Search engine

2.) Why did you choose one of our tools?

Reasonable price
Good usability
The tool offers unique functionalities

4.) How often do you use the following functionalities?

Sometimes Rarely Never
• XML/JSON editing
• XML/JSON validator
• XML validation against XSD/DTD
• Batch validation
• Large XML file validator (>100 MB)
• Well-formed checking of XML/JSON files
• Sign and verify XML documents
• XSL transformation
• Generation of XML/JSON schema documentation
• Schematron rules
• Find invalid XML
• External tools functionality
• Subfolder search on File Explorer tab (desktop application)
• Command line tool

5.) How well-arranged and easy to use are these functionalities?

Excellent Poor

6.) Which of the functionalities below would you like to have in XML Validator Buddy?

Yes No
• Change encoding of one or multiple files at once
• Enhanced batch functionalities
 (create and manage scheduled tasks, view results in application)
• Automatically validate XML/JSON files in the background

7.) Please rate the overall quality (usability, feature set, stability) of the software.

High Low

8.) Would you recommend the tool to a client or colleague?

Yes No

9.) Did you encounter any unexpected behavior on using the software?

The tool stopped working
Low performance
Missing or no documentation/unclear functionality
Other behavior or please explain further what you checked above

10.) Is there anything else you want to tell us to improve our tools?

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