Schematron XML validator and rules editor

Application screen-shot of Schematron results and XPath error location
  • No extra setup required to use the Schematron validator.
  • Unique one-click rules checking.
  • Validator is ISO version compliant.
  • Just select one or multiply XML instance documents and apply your business rules.
  • XML ValidatorBuddy uses the standard stylesheet implementation for Schematron.
  • Editor with Jump-to-error functionality.

Download XML ValidatorBuddy to run your Schematron rules:

Create business rules with ease

  • Test your rules immediately on creating the schema.
  • Editor with Schematron specific auto-completion for faster editing.
  • XPath evaluation window for easy creation of rules.
  • Rich editor environment with syntax-coloring, code folding, copy-paste, find and replace, XPath evaluation and other standard editing capabilities.
  • Get access to the generated validator stylesheets for in-depth debugging.
Schematron support in editor

XML Validator Buddy provides a complete ISO Schematron environment including a special editor and validator to create and test rules in less time. Schematron is a semantic language which is often used to express high-level business rules and to provide an additional layer on testing XML data. A Schematron schema is also written in XML and uses a small number of elements. Single tests are evaluated as XPath expressions.

Schematron is easy to learn and capable of expressing constraints that other XML languages like XSD and DTD cannot. In general, anything that can be evaluated as an XPath statement, can be part of a rule. For example, Schematron can require that the validation status of an element depends on the content of one of its siblings. Or it can request or require that an element must have specific attributes. With Schematron you can also validate required relationships between multiple XML documents.

Take a detailed look at some other features of XML ValidatorBuddy

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