JSON Schema Editor - Get an unique collection of JSON schema features

JSON Schema validation

Enhanced JSON Schema editing and creation

  • Complete JSON editor for Windows® with syntax-coloring and code folding.
  • Validate your JSON Schemas to simplify schema creation.
  • Ensure your JSON Schema is error free with a single click.
  • Instantly format schema documents with JSON pretty-print.
  • Save time with Jump-to-error for JSON instance validation on testing your JSON schema.
  • Supports the latest Draft 4 of the JSON Schema standard.

Download and try the JSON Schema editor functionalities in XML ValidatorBuddy now:


Convenient authoring of JSON Schema with syntax-coloring, auto-completion and folding

  • JSON Schema specific syntax-coloring for unmatched readability.
  • Use code folding to collapse and expand sections of your JSON schema.
  • Increased overview of your JSON Schema with code folding.
  • Intelligent auto-completion. Create JSON Schema in less time.
  • Auto-completion list contains JSON Schema keywords by default.
JSON schema editor features
JSON instance validation

Get a feature rich JSON Schema editor

  • Create JSON Schemas for Web services in less time.
  • Add references to your schema with the built-in JSON Pointer evaluator.
  • Use the JSON schema validator to test any number of JSON documents.
  • Design JSON schemas with extra syntax-coloring features and auto-completion.
  • Standard editor functionalities like copy-paste and find-replace with support for regular expressions.
  • Create HTML documentation of JSON Schemas.

JSON is commonly used for data transmissions between a server and web application, like AJAX and all kind of Web services. Those solutions often require JSON Schema to validate client-submitted data for JSON based communications protocols.

Use XML Validator Buddy (or JSONBuddy) as your JSON Schema editor to create and modify JSON definitions and to get access to additional features like JSON Pointer evaluation and validation of JSON schemas. To check and validate any number of JSON instance documents use the JSON validator.

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