• XML-JSON software overview

XML-JSON software overview

The XML ValidatorBuddy desktop application offers a lot of XML related functionality for your daily work with XML documents. The tool includes an enhanced File Explorer, an editor tab and a Large File Viewer to give you convenient access to all of your XML documents. The File Explorer shows detailed information about XML instance and schema files without the need to open them manually. This makes working with XML files more productive by saving time and clicks. For folders with a large number of files, XML related information is loaded in the background while the application is still responsive to user interaction.
With XML ValidatorBuddy you can edit, validate and transform multiple XML files with just a few clicks. All of the functionality is so easy to use that also people without a deeper knowledge about XML are able to validate and transform any number of documents.
At a glance, you can use XML ValidatorBuddy for the following tasks: