Scheduled XML batch task

The XML ValidatorBuddy command-line tool provides a simple way to run any supported XML batch validation task. The executable "ValBuddy.exe" is part of the XML ValidatorBuddy Desktop package and can be found at the installation folder.
As a first step you need to configure the batch task by creating a XML settings file. The most convenient way to do so, is to use the "Configure and run batch task..." dialog of the XML ValidatorBuddy Desktop application. The desktop application is also a good place to test the batch task before you create a scheduled task. The desktop application will also use the command-line tool from the installation folder to run the batch task.
Once you have the final settings file you can pass it to the command-line tool. If ValBuddy.exe gets only one parameter at the command-line the tool assumes that this paramter is the path to a settings XML and runs the batch immediately (please call ValBuddy.exe without any options to get a list of all supported parameters).
Use the Windows control panel to create a new scheduled task. To run the XML batch validation take the executable ValBuddy.exe of the command-line tool and add the settings XML as the only parameter.