Transforming the batch output

Although the XML log document contains all of the collected information after the batch run it is often necessary to provide the log results in a more readable format. Having all the data transformed into a HTML file makes it easy to read and can also be used to publish the log on the Intranet and/or the Internet.
In order to make this as simple as possible the batch validation settings file supports to specify a XSL transformation task. This task is applied after the log document has been created successfully. The transformation needs to input parameters. The XSL stylesheet and the name of the output file to generate. The batch dialog, which is available in the XML ValidatorBuddy Desktop application, allows you to set those parameters in a simple way:
Just check the "Transform output file" check-box and use the Configure... button to set the XSL stylesheet to use and the path to the output document of the transformation in the dialog:
XML ValidatorBuddy already comes with a sample XSL stylesheet which you can apply directly to your own batch result files. This stylesheet with the name valbuddy_log.xslt is written to the installation folder and can be located there. The output HTML is a straight-forward table using a green column background for valid files and a red background for invalid files. Even this rather simple approach makes it a lot easier to distinguish the invalid XML documents from the valid ones:
Applying a XSL transformation gives you a lot of more options beside generating HTML. Simple text files, another XML, PDF or even a Microsoft Word document can also be the result of the transformation. In addition there are powerful tools available producing XSL stylesheets for you generating the output of your choice without writing a single line of XSL.