• Web Service Query window

Web Service Query window

The Web Service Query window allows to send quickly HTTP requests to any URL and to test and retrieve the response data. If the response is well-formed XML or JSON, the integrated Grid is filled automatically. Any fragment of the response can also copied to the clipboard using the standard Ctrl-C keyboard command. In addition, the raw text response is also written to the Header and Body tabs.
Web Service Query window

Toolbar to send request

1.  Toolbar to send request
  • Send command. This command sends the HTTP request to the target URL.
  • Create document from response. If any response data is present, this command created a new JSON or XML document in the editor.

Text field to enter URL

2. Text field to enter URL
Multi-line edit field to enter the URL. This URL can also contain the HTTP query string parameters.

Select HTTP method

3. Select HTTP method
Used to select the HTTP verb for the request.

Checkbox to set request data

4. Checkbox to set request data
On setting this checkbox, the content of the currently active document is sent as additional request data to the URL. This allows to switch quickly between multiple versions of request data by simply changing the active document.

Response data

5. Response data
The response field contains the information retrieved from the last HTTP request. If the content is either well-formed XML or JSON, the Grid tab shows the structured data. In any case, the Header and Body tabs are filled with the raw text response.