Large XML data editor

Any document with a size of more than 150 MB will be opened using the Large File view in XML ValidatorBuddy. In this case the document is never loaded completely into the editor but you can always scroll and jump to any line using the special scroll-bar to the left or using the "Go to line..." command. The screenshot below shows the editor after loading an original OSM document with the geographical information of Massachusetts. The document has about 2.5 GB and more than 39 million lines of XML data.
Editing of large files
Use the "Start editing" button on the right upper corner to start the editing mode of the Large File view in XML ValidatorBuddy. A backup is created before you can start to modify the currently loaded data in the editor. Depending on the size of the document and the speed of the storage device this can take a few seconds. Please note that you can't scroll or jump to any line outside of the active edit buffer. Before you can browse the whole document again, you need to finish the current editing session and either save the changes you made or cancel the editing mode using the reload or close commands.
The "Start editing" button turns into a "Save changes" button during an active edit session. Use the "Save changes" button to update the original document with any modifications to the current edit buffer and to delete the backup file.
Goto line
Use the "Goto line" command from the menu or press Ctrl+G to jump quickly to any line position in the open document.
Find and replace in edit mode
The find and replace operations are working as usual on editing a large document but are limited to the current edit buffer. A message box is displayed if no match is found and the end of the edit buffer has been reached: